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Brilliant glass paint for the highest requirements whether on large or small areas, Montmartre makes glass surfaces shine. Montmartre produces particularly radiant and brilliant colors, making it very popular with artisans. The results are very close to the appearance of real stained glass. Excellent flow properties makes it a suitable choice for even application. Montmartre enables you to achieve various effects, depending on technique. Whether lively color gradations or even application, whether large areas or delicate ornaments, whether very fine stippling or solid application are easily possible. The harmonious colors include 25 shades which can be mixed easily and develop a transparent shine after drying. Black and White shades are fully opaque while other shades are fully transparent. It also has 4 metallic effect shades which provide a nice glitter on the surface. For diluting the paints, Montmartre provides a special solvent. Paints can be lightened with transparent medium of Montmartre Vitrail.

01 Transparent
02 White
09 Black
11 Yellow
12 Yellow Orange
13 Orange
21 Red
22 Deep Red
31 Sky Blue
32 Blue
33 Blue Violet
41 Pink
42 Old Pink
43 Parma
44 Violet
51 Light Green
52 Green
53 Emerald
54 Turquoise
55 Olive
61 Sand
62 Brown
63 Chocolate Brown
71 Silver
72 Gold
73 Copper
74 White Pearl


91 Solvent