Montmartre Premium Quality Artists Paint

About us

Montmartre was found by a couple of chemists joined with artists who shared a passion for quality artist supplies. Sharing technical point of view with applied artists comments led to state of the art paints. Since then, Montmartre has remained dedicated to providing the finest paints available. We produce Montmartre in small batches and this gives us the chance to devote attention to every part of the process. That’s why we can personally ensure the reliability and consistency of every paint that leaves our hands.
The art of paint making
What makes really good paint is the choice of resin, the quality of pigment, and the method of production. Our vehicles are all chosen because they are qualitatively superior In terms of their appearance and how they feel and respond on the artist’s brush. We select the finest pigments from various sources all over the world. To most, this means they are the highest grade. To us, it means they are the most beautiful of their kind. And after going to such lengths to find them we take our time to carefully mix each color in the time-honored traditions of craftsmen. Our paints are made in small batches. Everyone is different and they all have their own personality. No amount of high-volume industrial production can match this level of care.
Here in Montmartre, we’re artists and craftspeople. It’s with those eyes and hands that we inspect and assure the quality of everything we make. Nothing leaves our hands unless we’re sure it’s as perfect as we can possibly make it.

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